Here you'll find a selection of our bridal couples that have got their day captured by LocksenVisuals. Click on one of the cover arts to read more about the wedding and watch the film as well as the photos

Jenni & Nils bohemiskt bröllop bröllopsfilm bröllopsfilmare bröllopsfilmer bröllosfotograf sverige göteborg bästa snyggaste

Isabella & Hampus

- Rhodes, Greece

Emily & Alfred bröllop sensommarbröllop bröllopsfilm bröllopsfilmare bröllopsfilmer bröllopsfotograf filmare göteborg sverige bästa snyggaste

Linda & Robert

- Trelleborg, Sweden

Jenni & Nils bohemiskt bröllop bröllopsfilm bröllopsfilmare bröllopsfilmer bröllosfotograf sverige göteborg bästa snyggaste

Jenny & Nils

- Linköping, Sweden


Rita & Nicklas

- Stockholm, Sweden


About us

Vesa & Niclas, who started and runs LocksenVisuals. We are filmmakers, photographers, colleagues, engaged and best friends. We live together in Gothenburg, Sweden and run the business together. When we don't film weddings, we are helping companies to strengthen their graphic profile by Film & Photo productions. Because of our work in the commercial- and music industry, we met the super talented photographer Alexander and filmmaker Anton. Anton & Alexander is helping us today with capturing these lovely wedding days on a consistent basis and are a huge part of the LocksenVisuals team.

Our goal since day 1 has always been to have fun. When we got to film our first wedding we could never have dreamed that it would be as fun as it was. That's probably the reason why we are all in the wedding productions and have been wholeheartedly creating wedding films since the first day.



Prices & Products

We've decided to not offer a bunch of weird packages. Instead we customize every wedding production according to your visions and wishes. Contact us and tell us more about your wedding and your dreams to get a quote. No matter how we customize your package, there is always two main options, Film or Photo? Or why not both?

The Highlight film is a film of at least 8 minutes, recorded with industry-standard tools to maintain the absolute highest quality. It is carefully edited, color-graded and sound-designed in a creative and thoughtful way to telling your day and love story in the best possible way. We do not follow any frames or templates when it comes to making a wedding film, each bridal couple is unique and so are our films. We make a personal film created for you and nobody else, which you will love to look back on forever.

When it comes to our pictures, it's hard to put your finger on what makes a complete image. It is among the most surreal and amazing media available. To catch a moment, which will never happen again. And make sure that this moment is reflected in exactly the right way for the lasting feeling, for a millisecond. We think that's wonderful. We always edit each individual image to make sure that the exposure, colors and feelings is continuous and able to retell your day in a timeless and amazing way. Our goal is that you will be able to look back at the pictures in 50 years from now and feel the same feeling when you did the day they were taken. That you remember the butterflies in your stomach or the scent of the bridal bouquet. We usually deliver about 50 images per hour on set, but this can vary quite a bit. In addition to our starter packages, there are massive options available. Get in touch with us and we will send you our full price list. There you can find extra add-ons to your package, such as extra filmmaker/photographer, drone footage, photo album or similar!


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